Paperhost Solutions

All Inclusive Pricing Structure

Small Business to Large Enterprise Solutions

At PaperHost, you will NEVER be penalized for accessing YOUR documents. But that is exactly what happens when you are charged by the USER! We make it easy! Unlimited users with unlimited access and you have all the functionality of the system included in one monthly fee based on the volume of data loaded and maintained in your online accounts.

PaperHost offers an all inclusive pricing structure for your on-line document management account. With PaperHost there is no need to pick and choose features and functions of the system or be forced to decide what users will have access or not. PaperHost sets up your account with your requested applications and indexes. In PaperHost, an application is a category of documents i.e. Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Marketing, Legal Agreements etc.

We customize the set up to meet the needs of your operations. Training webinars and support are available via email and phone, and are all included in the price. We provide customization and development services for those organizations that require further enhanced features such as data capture, image and data transmissions, additional backup with monthly, quarterly or yearly backup, CD/DVD burns, and other special workflow and presentment requirements.

PaperHost is so feature rich and robust, most requirements are met with the all inclusive service. We have solutions for any size business; small to large enterprise. Monthly costs are based on the total volume hosted (minimum 1 GB). Compare our prices to an in-house document management system. Discover that with a hosted, cloud solution the cost is substantially less, with no capital expenditures, no maintenance/support contracts and reduced IT support.


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