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Cloud Document Management | Unlimited Users

PaperHost was offering Cloud Document Management before it was a common term in the industry. After a decade of selling and supporting complex in-house Document Management Solution, PaperHost was one of the first to differentiate themselves from other software companies by harnessing the power of the Internet and delivering enterprise content management in a web-based environment. With over fifteen years experience in Cloud Document Management, no one does it better.

The PaperHost model is UNLIMITED USERS. Provide access to not only your internal staff, but all your customers too.

We want to create a world where the customer enjoys all of the benefits of a full blown Document Management solution without requiring extensive knowledge and the software and hardware needed to support these services.

With only a web browser and a connection to the Internet, your project management can instantly access the critical documents for your business. Online access to the PaperHost Cloud provides all the resources needed to manage and control the entire suite of PaperHost Cloud Document Management solutions for your company from anywhere in the world.


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