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Why PaperHost?




For over a decade, customers have depended on Paperhost for web hosting of all manner of critical business content. We enable companies of all sizes to offload the worry of security, compliance and management of their documents and data to our on-line storage in the Cloud. Yet they give up nothing as we provide each customer with the web-based management software they need to completely control user access and flow of their document assets.

Every company needs to manage documents even if they have become paperless. PaperHost is the perfect application to provide life-cycle management of both scanned and digital content within your company.


  • A single, safe and compliant location for all content
  • Access from any location via the internet by internal and external users
  • Fast deployment in days, not months Unlimited uses that works for any type company, organization or industry
  • Fast, flexible search and retrieval functions on both metadata (indexes) and content in documents
  • Costs spread over time.
  • No upfront capital expenditures.
  • Unlimited users with unlimited access


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