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What Makes PaperHost Different

Document Versions added to track versions of documents, as well as, add or delete pages within existing documents.

FTP Uploader introduced to provide uploading directly to a secure FTP site and automatically uploaded to PaperHost.

PaperHost attends the Southeastern Accounting Show (SEAS) in Atlanta, Georgia.

PaperHost launches the PaperHost Cares Program, to give back to the community in which we live and work. We included STAR House and Ministry Ventures as our beneficiaries of the donated funds from employees and matched by the company.

PaperHost adds new, enhanced uploading and indexing features to PaperHost. Now users can upload and index documents directly from their workstations to their online applications with the PaperHost drag and drop feature or use the online PaperHost indexing tool for larger volume, batch indexing.

Leading U.S. Tax services organization signs up for PaperHost Automated Data Capture (ADC) Services. Serving foreign investors and providing solutions for their unique U.S. Tax issues required large amounts of data entry which is now performed automatically with PaperHost ADC, saving time and costs.

Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce (GNFCC). PaperHost actively supports the positive growth and future of North Fulton Chamber of Commerce including the cities of Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta, Johns Creeks, and Milton.

PaperHost Document Management Solution Promotes API Integration. PaperHost continues to gain recognition as companies look for ways to cut capital expenditures and eliminate support for expensive on-premise systems.

PaperHost announces a new data capture solution now available to its Value Added Resellers (VAR). PaperHost phADC services provide enhanced capabilities for lifting list-based or repeating data elements from documents. The phADC data capture solution can eliminate hours of costly key entry and achieve a much lower cost per character captured.

A personal bill paying organization joins as a PaperHost customer. They provide unparalleled experience and services for their clients utilizing PaperHost for their storage, retrieval and archival of client documents.

PaperHost welcomes a 50 year old regional healthcare center in one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia. PaperHost provides a central, online location to store their Surgery and Radiology orders with fast and easy access providing audit reports, HIPAA compliance, redundancy for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes.

PaperHost exhibits at the Georgia Municipal Association Convention. Administrators from all Georgia cities and municipalities will have an opportunity to see how PaperHost, on-line, on-demand document management can benefit their organizations.

PaperHost renews customer contract with one of the top 100 automobile dealerships in the US based on sales. Now all their service invoices are sent to the corporate headquarters daily for scanning, indexing and uploading to PaperHost for immediate access by service personnel.

Welcome to our client list a rated, special servicer providing a full range of commercial real estate debt and equity management and investment services. With a customized logon and search screen they internally upload their documents for access by internal staff, as well as, by clients and staff working remotely.

 What our customers are saying:

Just a quick note to thank Paperhost. Today I needed to find a document which had just come in a few days ago, and thanks to PaperHost, it was indexed and in our system. What a pleasure! I’m still smiling!

Law Office 'Specializing in Worker's Compensation'

We find their service extremely valuable to our marketing process.  We consider PaperHost part of our team!

Commercial Real Estate

I’m just responding to say THANKS for your attentiveness.  It’s why we rave about our general satisfaction with our partnership!!

Loan Servicing Firm

PaperHost is the consummate business partner.  I admire excellence in all endeavors and greatly appreciate their efforts expended in the pursuit of excellence.  To quote Coach Rick Pitino, my experience with PaperHost can be summed up as follows, "Excellence is the unlimited ability to improve the quality of what you have to offer."

Treasury Management Implementations at National Financial Services Company

Early in our relationship I inspected the PaperHost scanning and indexing technology to be sure that they were the absolute best at what they do.  We audited their performance and found virtually no errors in hundreds of thousands of pages of customer data. When you are archiving your clients tax data, you have to be sure that its right, that the provider has the right technology platform and that the process produces the right result every time. We used PaperHost to archive more than 100,000 pages of customer data each month.  PaperHost has the right technology platform to service our clients and the right service culture to accommodate our growing and changing needs.

Certified Accountants and Tax Advisors

 We found PaperHost to be the perfect business partner for document conversion, storage, and protection of health care documents.  They offered several options enabling us to fit different solutions, compliant with HIPAA, state, and institution information security policies, to our varied clinical and business units.

Private Research University

Prior to our partnership with PaperHost we sold a competing product which took countless hours in front of the customer, was much more expensive, difficult to understand, configure and manage. The PaperHost solution is straightforward and it gets us in the door and shows true value, which separates us from our competitors. The customers like it and we have been very impressed with the extremely high level of professionalism that PaperHost has provided. In my judgment, any organization that is looking to provide their clients with a value added solution and one that will help them close more deals would benefit with a partnership with PaperHost.

Document Solutions Dealer

PaperHost values Customer Service and quality as highly as we do. During the years we have worked together, PaperHost has continually refined and upgraded their product and service as a company policy rather than in response to our request. PaperHost is uniquely proactive in the internet world and totally complements our teams' efforts and mission to make Online Banking as effortless, dependable and secure as possible for our customers.

Technical Services Implementation & Support at National Financial Services Company

We enjoyed several successful development efforts with PaperHost. The PaperHost team has a unique ability to anticipate the direction of our clients' needs and was always ready to actively participate in the enhancement of our key treasury offerings. The PaperHost team provided many progressive concepts that were ultimately integrated into the final solution. PaperHost enthusiasm and flexibility has always been a key attribute in bringing leading-edge services to market.

National Bank

We have utilized the services of PaperHost for almost ten years.  As our client service expectations and requirements grew so did the document management services that PaperHost provided to our company that assisted our service center to quickly access data to meet client inquires. We have embedded PaperHost into all of our applications and it continues to exceed our expectations.      

Capital Management Firm

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