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Cloud Document Management

Rapid deployment, no up-front costs, and enhanced security

Organizations continue to convert paper documents to digital format and are levering technology cloud solutions to ensure information is secure and accessible at all times. The trend shows that cloud computing is impacting organizational behavior. Since technology provides access to documents from anywhere at any time, companies of all sizes are using the cloud to reduce IT expenses and enhance compliance and security.


  • Access anytime, anywhere from multiple devices
  • Protect, control and track your documents quickly and efficiently
  • No upfront costs with one monthly fee based on volume
  • Unlimited internal or external users such as vendors or clients
  • Top level security with user rights and privileges
  • Rapid deployment and easy to use
  • Regulatory compliance

Another factor driving the cloud market is the increase in mobile devices being used by employees to perform daily tasks. Today, PaperHost Cloud presents no upfront costs, no hardware to purchase, fast deployment, limited IT resources, and access via the internet or mobile devices. PaperHost becomes your partner taking care of the day to day maintenace and support of facilitating document retrieval without compromising security or scalability.

As your electronic documents or scanned images are uploaded to your document repository, they become available within minutes to the authorized users that you select and manage. Through our secure site, you can create one or more applications, which serve as online file cabinets. Each application represents a body of documents with specific indexing criterion for your search requirements. Security can be controlled down to the application level at which the user is either excluded or granted specific access rights to that application.


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