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PaperHost is a cloud, full-service, document management software provider. For fifteen years, PaperHost has been providing solutions to organizations that need to give access to their mission critical documents, but still need to maintain strict controls and reporting over document access. The PaperHost model for web-based document management was launched after a decade of selling and supporting in-house imaging systems for our customers.

After perfecting our craft, PaperHost now focuses all of our energy on making service as feature-rich and powerful as any in-house document management solution. We are able to spread our cost over our entire client base making PaperHost a more cost-effective way for our clients to meet their security goals while providing their employees and customers with a fast and versatile way to access documents.

With 25+ years of experience, PaperHost leads the outsourced document management industry. We allow companies to remain focused on their own core competencies instead of building complex, capital intensive in-house alternatives. Our pay-as-you-go model produces an attractive ROI even in the first month of use. PaperHost clients understand the benefits of off-loading their document management and document hosting requirements to a company that is driven to deliver a fast, reliable and secure online platform for the management of their most valuable business documents.

Before investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in scanners, servers, software, maintenance and support, consider joining the growing family of companies that now enjoy the savings and the flexibility of cloud document management and hosting while preserving precious capital needed to grow your business.

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