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Manage and Store Documents for Rapid Accessibility

Most document libraries have a natural flow from active documents to archived documents. Over 90% of information is captured in documents whether in the form of emails, spreadsheets, or numerous types of formats and businesses must manage these documents throughout their useful life span, from creation through archiving or disposal.

Capture, view, deliver, manage, store and archive for organizations

PaperHost can reduce storage costs, improve performance, and address retention requirements for critical document content management. The document life cycle stages are available starting with the uploading of existing electronic documents or scanned images using the Drag and Drop feature in PaperHost. The indexing tools in PaperHost provide for quick viewing and indexing of the images. Drop-down lists for indexes offer an accurate and fast means for indexing and loading to a customized PaperHost application. Rapid access for managing and retrieving the documents is accomplished with search processes based on classification, meta-data, or full text search features.

PaperHost customers only pay for documents currently being hosted and at the end of their life cycle, all documents may be returned to the customer on a monthly basis in the form of CDs or DVDs along with free retrieval software. PaperHost never holds our customer hostage to a proprietary document management system.

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