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Workflow Management Software


PaperHost offers workflow integration with a leading provider of workflow software. The workflow solution completes the puzzle so business users can easily create workflow maps to automate business processes using documents stored in the PaperHost repository. Paper-based processes and business system silos prevent information and approvals from passing across departments easily, IT is burdened by complex system installations and different stakeholders have different views of a problem and tasks for finding a solution.

For workers in organizations that must process and manage a heavy workload of requests as part of their job, workflow software helps them handle those requests more efficiently and quickly. The workflow management software allows automation of document intensive, approval-based processes across departments and systems. Business users and process experts with no programming experience can design and run workflows.

The software has embedded business rules engine which drives the logic behind the process. At each decision gateway, business analysts can build in logic to determine how a process should flow down one particular path instead of another in the business process.

  • Sequential tasks
  • Selection stop points for user selection
  • Evaluation with automatic decisions
  • Parallel, join, start a new process, end of process rules and others

Click here for sample workflow process for credit application



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