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Improve Workflow by Integrating Online Data Capture and Management with Your Tax Application




Tax preparation and services companies are constantly looking for innovative solutions to better manage the enormous volumes of documents and data required for their daily work; plus maintain compliance and security for their customers.

Imagine the power of being able to easily integrate our web-based document management system with any existing application or corporate brand the PaperHost solution under the covers of your organizations logo and color scheme. Employees and clients can signon directly from your website.

Integration to PaperHost is not complicated or expensive. A short White Paper (API) provides the tools and instructions to your application developer or software vendor to make a simple call to PaperHost with parameters from within your application.

Unlimited users and unlimited access provides a quick, easy solution for both employees and clients to access the documents they need; with the highest regard for security and access rights. If data entry is a problem, take a look at our

Automated Data Capture (ADC) services. An ROI is generally experienced immediately, plus you gain the increased benefit of more consistent, accurate data. Reduce or completely eliminate the need for slow and error prone manual keying.


  • Optimize tax workflow
  • Maintain compliance and security Integrate to existing applications
  • Corporate brand the PaperHost solution
  • Sign on from corporate website
  • Unlimited users, unlimited access for employees and clients
  • Reduce or eliminate manual keying

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