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Comply with Regulations and Reporting Requirements for Human Resource Documents




PaperHost can consolidate various types of information into one single document storage location for human resource documents ranging from payroll and legal to resumes, letters of reference, insurance forms, and other employee and benefit files. Multi-level, secure access is available to authorized users with easy-to-use PaperHost software. PaperHost manages the entire lifecycle of employment records. Simplify your processes and eliminate photocopies of files, ensuring that all sensitive content remains private and secure.

Provide online access to employees to view their files. Use the PaperHost API to integrate to your existing business applications. Streamline your procedures with PaperHost and provide your HR staff the tools to quickly provide support to your employees.

Organize Records:

  • Store and track all documents for present, past and future employees
  • Comply with regulations and reporting requirements
  • Reduce physical storage and operational costs
  • Integrate with existing software applications
  • Fast and easy deployment

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