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Without a document management system, accounting functions in all organizations are paper intensive and require processing and managing mounds of paper documents. Due to compliance and retention laws, the paper has to be dealt with by either storing it in file cabinets, paying for off-site warehouse storage or even worse taking up valuable office space. With an electronic document management system, accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, and legal documents are more easily managed and archived. Use PaperHost for your business to automate retention and provide strict security to protect privileged information.

Eliminate the hard costs of storing paper documents and the intangible cost of losing them to a natural or man made disaster with a secure, online PaperHost account. Mitigate risk with automatic audit trails for compliance and reduce time and costs associated with shipping documents.

Conquer the challenge of managing and maintaining quick access to invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, employee files, expense reports and more. Improve customer service with a comprehensive document management solution that delivers information when and where you need it to perform your job. Easily integrate PaperHost to your back office accounting to make these systems more efficient.


  • Improve customer service
  • Adhere to all government compliance
  • Retention automation
  • Stringent security
  • Customize for specific requirements
  • "Image Enable" existing accounting software

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