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The Importance of Document Scanning Services

It is likely that many mission-critical documents only exist in paper form. That is why PaperHost offers scanning services in our suite of services. PaperHost provides the highest quality document scanning and indexing services; at competitive market rates. Also available are tools for those organizations that wish to do scanning in-house.

Document Scanning

  • Assessment Setup for all size projects
  • Pick up and delivery (Metro Atlanta Area)
  • Document preparation and coding
  • Production status reporting and document tracking
  • Quality assurance and high accuracy rates
  • All document types and formats
Barcode Reading

Document Indexing

  • Automated data lifting
  • Date stamping
  • Auto indexing with original filename
  • Online batch indexing
  • Barcode and OCR indexing
  • Manual indexing with key entry and verification
  • Highest quality production software and equipment


Scanning Tools and Profiles

phINDEX offers PaperHost customers a new and more versatile way to index documents that flow into our customers' online document library. Documents can now be loaded onto PaperHost with little or no hand-keyed data with a special status flag indicating that additional indexing is required. This eliminates the need to have scanning operators with intimate knowledge of the documents they are scanning. They just scan continuously with a singular focus on image quality.

With phINDEX, an organization enjoys a higher level of document security, saves on shipping costs, improves customer service, and eliminates the possibility of any lost documents in transit. Indexing documents can be done at the time of scanning or batch indexed. This powerful indexing includes customizable index fields and a full range of indexing options, including barcode reading and ODBC connectivity.

phFTP provides bulk uploading of documents to a secure FTP site provided by PaperHost. Just drag and drop files to the FTP site with a csv file containing the indexes and PaperHost Filemover does the rest. For large volumes of documents, automating the loading to the FTP site from the customer's site makes the uploading simple and easy.

Scanner Profiles are available for Kodak production scanners. The profile provided by PaperHost automates processes for preparing the images and indexes for PaperHost. Using Kodak scanners allows the benefits of excellent quality scanning with additional features such as barcode reading and advanced indexing capabilities. Although profiles are available for Kodak scanners, any scanner manufacturer can be used for scanning images for PaperHost. Scan images; then use one of the many tools provided for indexing and uploading.

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