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Workflow Management Integration

Workflow Management software can be intergated into the PaperHost platform. It automates document intensive, approval-based processses across departments and systems. Business users and process experts with no programming experience can design and run workflows.

Features and Benefit:

  • Improved communication and business users can easily and quickly complete their tasks. 
  • IT staff can be used more efficiently because simple deployment and development means that technology managers can quickly get the software up and running without spending a lot of time with complex and unreliable installations.
  • Continuous improvement of business processes. Designed for an adaptive approach, where technology and business managers work together to target problem processes for improvement in the larger stream of business activities. Automated workflows become consistent, repeatable, and measurable. Processes can be continuously refined and adapted to new conditions.

Document Management Workflow


Customize and Brand Online Document Management

With a PaperHost online document management solution, you’ll experience rich features and functions with an interface that can be customized with logos and corporate color schemes to an organization’s needs. This includes custom search and retrieval screens that more closely match your most common business practices.

Features and Benefit:

      • Custom interfaces
      • Corporate branding with logos
      • Custom reports, graphs, and specially formatted data transmissions
      • Incorporate workflow processes
      • Allow client access
      • Calendar tools, maps, pull-down menus with constrained values
      • Automatic data linking
      • Inherit fonts, styles and color of existing website

Application Program Interface

The Application Program Interface (API) for PaperHost is available at no charge to our customers. The API White Paper provides your application developer or software vendor an uncomplicated roadmap to pull PaperHost into an existing application. Now you can image-enable your existing applications with a button or link to PaperHost that brings relevant documents to the screen without leaving your application. Since all functional aspects of PaperHost can be brought into a frame on your website, the API opens the door for a privately labeled application with PaperHost as the underlying engine.

Features and Benefits

      • Image enable your applications
      • Improve your workflow processes
      • Unlimited number of integrations
      • Simple, low cost solutions


PaperHost had the right technology platform to service our clients and the right service culture to accommodate our growing and changing needs.
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