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On-Demand Service Delivered Quickly With No Hardware or Software to Buy

Online Document Management
Online document hosting can deliver more effective and lower cost-per-page Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Yesterday’s technologies are not the answer. Companies are recognizing that Software as a Service (SaaS) from PaperHost is the best way to avoid the high capital costs of building in-house systems.

A few years ago, your only choice was to purchase an in-house solution consisting of a document management system including servers, software, annual support agreements, etc. Additionally, you incurred the cost of IT staff to maintain the in-house solution. Today, with PaperHost's online document security systems, there are no upfront costs. PaperHost takes on the burden of facilitating document retrieval without compromising security or scalability.

Online document hosting means PaperHost shares joint custody of your documents for a specified period of time. As your electronic documents or scanned images are uploaded to your document repository, they become available within minutes to the authorized users that you select and manage.

Through our secure site, you can create one or more applications, which serve as online file cabinets. Each application represents a body of documents with specific indexing criterion for your search requirements. For example, you might put your human resource documents in one application that indexes each document by social security number and name. Another application for the accounts payable department might use invoice number and invoice date. Security can be controlled down to the application level at which the user is either excluded or granted specific access rights to that application.

We inspected PaperHost scanning and indexing technology to be sure they were the absolute best at what they do. We audited their performance and found virtually no errors in hundreds of thousands of pages of data.
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