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Capture Text from Documents including Forms, Invoices and EOBs

Streamlining Data Capture

Data CaptureData capture can be one of the most labor intensive, time consuming and expensive components of a document management system. Our Automated Data Capture (phADC) services are capable of lifting list-based or repeated data elements from documents. This process eliminates human errors and the intensive labor required when an operator manually inputs data. Not only can the phADC solution eliminate hours of costly manual indexing and achieve a much lower cost per character, it can adapt to variable lengths of lists and adjust for skewing. This is especially important in documents such as insurance explanation of benefits (EOB), remittance documents listing invoices paid, etc. Then data output from PaperHost can be formatted as needed for input into your business applications, such as an accounts receivable system. This information is transmitted using a variety of secure data transmission protocols.

Automatically Convert from Images to PDF

PDF ConversionMany companies have standardized their digital document libraries around the Adobe PDF file standard. PDF gives the documents portability without the underlying tool that created the document. phPDF converts scanned TIFF files or existing PDF files into highly compressed and web-optimized PDF files without loss of fidelity. Customers gain the huge advantage of faster delivery of the documents with resulting smaller file sizes. Also, with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), the results allow full text search on the content of the documents, not just the keyed index information.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCROptical Character Recognition (OCR) is an additional feature that can be added to any or all PaperHost applications. Documents are automatically processed using OCR when they are uploaded which provides additional search fields for full text search capability.

            • Search entire library of documents
            • Search by word, phrase, or proximity
            • Combine indexed and unstructured queries to locate documents
            • Multiple search terms combined with Boolean operators to form
            complex queries


"Look at each file cabinet in your organization. How could that information be leveraged if all authorized employees in any location could quickly access that information?"
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