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Case Study


Robert Bowden Improves Customer Service with Rapid Access to Accounting Records

Robert Bowden, Inc. (RBI) is a privately-held wholesale building material supply and manufacturing corporation headquartered in Marietta, Georgia. They have been delivering quality products and services to the construction professionals of the Atlanta metropolitan market since 1983. Their primary task is to manufacture, assemble, sell, deliver, install and service a wide range of quality products in the most efficient manner possible.

The Problem
Because RBI deals with so many supply vendors, their paper-based Accounts Payable filing system was slow, which made it difficult for employees to find specific invoices when disputes arose or for reconciliation. Sometimes it could take hours or days to find the paper invoice.

The Solution
PaperHost was able to implement a solution that empowers everyone at RBI to quickly access the required information or the image within seconds.

As invoices come in throughout the month, the invoice is scanned, and the purchase order and invoice numbers are captured. At the end of each month, RBI cuts a check for all invoices due each vendor. The check is scanned and the check number is captured.

RBI has automated a daily database upload from their A/P software as well. The upload ties all invoices with each check number and populates a variety of other fields which provides multiple ways to locate checks and invoices as well as configure better reporting options.

RBI has eliminated the embarrassment of lost invoices. Customer service with their vendors is at an all time high and RBI has been able to grow their business without adding additional personnel.

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The ROI from using PaperHost is incalculable.

Greg Lucas, President
Robert Bowden, Inc.