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Case Study


Clearview Regional Medical Center Improves Patient Care with Rapid Access to Records

Clearview Regional Medical Center provides general medical and surgical care for inpatient, outpatient and emergency room patients, and participates in the Medicare and Medicaidprograms. It is one of the fastest growing medical providers in the greater Metropolitan Atlanta area.

The Problem
The immediate pain was tracking surgery and radiology orders internally throughout the center and to physicians in outlying satellite offices. Historically, patients would bring written orders from their physician to the hospital. A copy of the order was made and the original was returned to the patient. When hospital staff needed to view the orders, the orders were not stored in an easily accessible way. The staff often found themselves going to other parts of the hospital to retrieve the records.

“Our paper based system was slow and inefficient, therefore adding unnecessary time and expense for the care of each patient,” explained Kimberly Scott, Registration Manager. “It was especially difficult to manage during our growth phase.”

The organization needed a centralized storage solution that would provide fast and easy access to orders so that staff could focus on patient care and not the associated paperwork.

The Solution
The solution was first introduced at the point of entry. Integrating PaperHost with a one-touch scanning device allowed any support staff member to easily capture everything from patient orders, registration information, insurance cards and even photo IDs. Scanned images were instantly accessible to departments throughout the hospital, eliminating the need to keep up with paper orders.

The system not only helped them reduce the expenses associated with multiple disparate systems, but helped make healthcare providers more efficient; no longer searching about the hospital for records.

The Summary
With their PaperHost solution, the staff can rest-assure their records are accessible whenever and wherever they need them. Further, their new online document management system meets their requirements for security, audit reporting and HIPAA compliancy as well as providing redundancy for disaster recovery and business continuity purposes. Now they have more peace of mind and more time to spend with patients.

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With PaperHost, we have been able to improve the overall patient experience by eliminating the delays in processing their paperwork.

Clearview Regional
Medical Center